The three Linchpins of First Horizon's investment stratgy

Small as Macau is, possibilities abound and, sometimes, can be misleading. First Horizon
recognizes the importance of a sound strategy to realize its vision. There are three strategic focal points devised by the Management Team, on which all investment decisions are based: scarcity, cultural uniqueness, and proximity to future tourist routes.

  • Within the peninsula, there are only around 300 tracts of those small-to-medium-sized
    vacant lands available for acquisition. The limited supply implies that any increase in
    demand will create a disproportionate upward momentum on prices; and the ominant
    developer will command vast price-setting powers.
  • Some properties in Macau possess unique cultural characteristics that are impossible to duplicate – such as being situated within a locality where there is a peculiar blend of
    historical, natural, and social elements. These are priceless pieces ideal for “cultural living” concepts.
  • First Horizon also focuses on the future trends of tourism in Macau. In particular, the future tourist routes accommodating the increasing popularity of the World Heritage sites. The company has compiled a list of prospects that have a high potential of becoming new shopping and dining areas catering to new tourist demand.

Scarcity, cultural uniqueness, and proximity to future tourist routes are the three linchpins of
First Horizon’s investment strategy.